Facing the Giants

In These Troubled Economic Times Financial Hardship Has No Boundaries
It doesn’t care about your age, number of years on the job or the size of your mortgage and unfortunately, this in not just a sub-prime issue.  Anyone can suddenly find themselves in a mortgage mess, even if they’ve done everything right! 

Here in California, most of us have been affected to some degree and chances are right now you or someone you know is behind in their mortgage payments and possibly facing foreclosure. If this is you or someone you know, you have options and you're not alone!

Today Many Homeowners are Still Behind on their Mortgage Payments
These are tough and frustrating times, and local area homeowners are not immune to this phenomenon. Just the thought alone of losing a home can be an overwhelming process and many honorable homeowners who have tried everything to avoid defaulting have now become hopeless and feel paralyzed as their debts continue to mount beyond their ability to pay.

Time is of the essence and now more than ever is NOT the time to give up or ignore the situation as it will only intensify the long term consequences, prolong the pain and more importantly jeopardize a WIN-WIN opportunity in the very near future!  Yes, that’s right!  There may be a light at the end of the tunnel and in many cases, foreclosure can be avoided, credit can be saved, and your financial future can be salvaged.

Facing the Giants
If you are looking for direction or contemplating a short sale and want to increase your chances of lender approval, you definitely need an agent who’s experienced and committed to facing the giants on your behalf!  One that not only can list and sell a property, but has the in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of major banks and their process’, in addition to knowing the intricacies of loan modifications and short sales.

Why do Short Sales Fail?
It's important to note that many short sales fail simply because incomplete files are submitted to banks, and far too often result in an unsuccessful sale and a foreclosure that didn’t have to happen!  Simply said, completing a few forms and providing documentation according to each lender's requirements is only half the battle and while many Realtors hire third party negotiators who charge absorbent fees, Donna handles everything from start to finish at no additional cost or upfront fees!  In fact, 75% of the short sale package is processed at the very beginning of the listing period, even before the first offer is received.

Donna Goes the Extra Mile!
With over two decades of in-depth experience owning and operating her own real estate and mortgage companies, in addition to being a "Certified Distressed Property Expert", she has the credentials required to properly represent her clients directly to the banks. 

Donna’s philosophy is and has always been, Knowledge is Power and Knowing the Truth is the Key to Obtaining a Solid Direction and Course of Action!

By prequalifying clients, underwriting their files according to lender specific qualifications and guidelines, providing banks complete files with the necessary documentation required to make informed decisions, in addition to advocating on her clients behalf and negotiating directly with the banks, the entire Lender Approved Short Sale process can literally be cut in half!

Based on Donna's extensive experience and exceptional knowledge in both real estate and lending industry, Donna continues to prove herself to be invaluable when creating a road to recovery and a Win-Win solution for both her clients and lenders alike!

Every day counts and exploring ALL of your options as soon as possible is not only necessary but critical as the long term consequences can greatly impact your family's financial security for many years to come.  To increase the odds in your favor or to help someone you know, schedule a FREE, Confidential "NO PRESSURE" Prequalification today... Call Donna Denton, she really wants to help and is only ONE CALL or CLICK away!

 "When Relationships Built on Trust, Integrity and Transparency Matter...
You Can Count on Donna Denton"

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"Land of the Free Because of the Brave"
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