Preparing Your Home for Top Marketability

  • The first month "on the market" is the most important, and your best buyer may be the one to visit first.  Be prepared for the grand opening!
  • Prospective purchasers' first impressions are the most important.  A few small repairs and a little clean up will help prepare the home to be seen at its best advantage and will result in a faster sale at a higher price.
  • The front door greets the prospects.  Make sure it is clean and inviting.  Paint gutters and down spouts.  Keep your lawn and landscaping well manicured.
  • Faded walls and woodwork reduce appeal.  A coat of fresh paint and new wallpaper can bring a quicker sale and a higher price.
  • Pay attention to detail.  Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, pushed out screen doors and other minor flaws detract from your home's value.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.  Keep counter tops clean and uncluttered.  Check and repair caulking around sinks, tubs and showers.  These rooms should sparkle.
  • Fix the faucet and repair all known leaks.  Dripping water discolors sinks and implies faulty plumbing.  Always make sure sinks and drains are clean and clear!
  • Create the feeling of space.  Make your closet, garage and storage areas look bigger by getting rid of items you aren't using and by keeping them well organized.  Remove any excess furniture in your bedrooms and home to show off its floor plan to its best advantage.
  • Let the sun shine in!  Open drapes, curtains and turn on the lights to show how cheerful your home can be, and don't forget to clean the windows!

When Showing The Home

  • Be it ever so humble.  Never apologize for the appearance of your home.  After all, it has been lived in.  Let our trained Real Estate Specialists answer all objections.
  • Pets underfoot?  Keep your pets out of the way, preferably out of the house.  Pay special attention to pet, smoke and cooking odors.
  • Soft music is inviting.  Have the intercom or stereo tuned to soft background music such as FM Radio 94.7, etc.
  • Air your house out often.  Be sure your house smells "homey".  Use scented furniture polish, Pine Sol, bake a cake, or maybe put out fresh flowers.
  • A Word to the Wise... Don't show your home to complete strangers.  Always refer all potential buyers or other interested parties to your trained Real Estate Specialist.
  • Before agreeing to sell your home... Discussing price, terms, possession and other factors that may affect the sale of your house prior to receiving a current written letter of preapproval is not advisable.

Ensure a successful close of Escrow!  With qualification guidelines constantly changing, the volatility of interest rates and our current economy, many potential buyers who once qualified may not any longer! For your protection, please have all potential Buyers Contact  Real Estate Alliance Group or call us direct at (916) 765-5001.

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