Why Pay High Commissions When You Can Receive Full Service at a Discount?
If Your House Doesn't Sell, You Pay Nothing!

When you put your property on the market, you have one primary objective... To Sell It as Soon as Possible for the Highest Attainable Price and to "Keep Your Hard-Earned Equity in Your Own Pocket!"

That's right!  So why give away your equity by paying high real estate commissions (average 5-6% of the sales price) to other companies and not receive the in-depth, personal and professional service you deserve... when you can take advantage of our special Sell & Save Equity Listing Program, literally save thousands of dollars and receive more services than "Just a Realtor" can offer!

Based on our client's specific goals and our Complimentary Services Offered below, we at  Real Estate Alliance Group will customize an aggressive marketing plan for selling your home as quickly and successfully as possible.  With more than 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience in real estate sales, loans and marketing, you can expect the in-depth personal and professional service our clients have come to know and you deserve!

  Complimentary Services and Experience You Can Count On!
FREE Comparative Market Analysis

We will prepare a FREE Market Analysis to assist you in establishing the fair market value of your property.  This report will include an in-depth study of the most recent sold, active, pending sale and expired properties that are similar to your home in your specific area; and with over two decades of prior mortgage experience, working with lenders and appraisers, we not only know the qualification guidelines that appraisers are required to use when establishing a value for the home, but stay up to date with underwriting guidelines to ensure we have a super solid "Formally Pre-approved Buyer!"  After all, most homes sales start with a loan and end with a loan!

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FREE Multiple Listing Service

Upon request, we will submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service which covers all of Placer, Sacramento, El Dorado, Central Valley, Yolo and Nevada Counties as well as other outside areas!  This is considered a very effective marketing tool in today's market, as it will give us immediate access to over 14,400 multiple listing subscribers!  Just imagine if each subscriber had at least one "Pre-Approved Buyer"!

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FREE Exclusive "Showcase Property" Website Dedicated Entirely to Selling Your Home

Essential to keeping up with today's real estate market is having your own website, complete with a personalized domain name, detailed information about your home, multiple photos, community and school information, and maps.  We not only provide you with your home's own website, we also provide an additional sign rider with the website address, and attach this to our existing signage.  Buyers love the simplicity of being able to view the details of your home from their own computer, and we have found that these Showcase Property websites greatly enhance all other advertising provided on behalf of your home. 

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FREE Professional Yard Sign, Full Color Flyer with Photo, and Brochure Box

We professionally prepare a personalized color fact sheet on your property, emphasizing all special features and terms.  Once completed, this flyer is placed directly on the sign post, sent to other agents and prospective buyers, and utilized in all showings!  Considering buyers can become confused when looking at various homes, this is a very important visual tool.

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FREE Lock Box & Report Readings

This device is used to allow agents easy access in showing their buyers your home, while still providing optimal security.  By utilizing a lock box, we are not only able to program each box individually, but in addition we can obtain online the name, address and phone number of the showing agents, including the date and time they showed your home.  This allows us to follow up verbally with the showing agents, as well as effectively communicate with our sellers!

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Feedback on all Showings and Industry Changes

Our philosophy at  Real Estate Alliance Group is to utilize the latest technology available in all aspects of real estate sales and finance!  In addition to using a lock box, we keep you informed as to the ongoing changes in the real estate/financial markets and their impact on the sale of your property, as well as the one you may be purchasing!

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FREE Formal Pre-Approval Verification of all Potential Buyers

Don't Be Fooled!  There is a huge difference between Pre-Qualified and Formally Pre-Approved Buyers!  In today's market it is critical that sellers only work with "Formally Pre-Approved Buyers" who have been formally pre-approved by a direct lender and their underwriter; and secondly, can provide an in-depth pre-approval letter  from the same with the exact terms and conditions of the loan requested!

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Full Representation

Once we begin to receive offers, we will present them to you immediately and assist you in evaluating and negotiating the terms of the sale, in addition to verifying that the buyer has been "Formally Pre-Approved... Not Just Pre-Qualified!"  Due to the fact that all offers are not the same, our professional negotiating skills, knowledge and experience in both the real estate and finance industries will help surmount any obstacles and ensure that the final purchase agreement is both comprehensive and as profitable to you as possible!

Once we have reached an agreement with a buyer and buyer's agent on the terms of the sale, we will open the escrow for you with a title company of your choice.  We will work closely with you to ensure all documents are prepared and signed, all reports completed and filed, and that all legal disclosures are made.  Helping you comply with the laws pertaining to the sale of your property is one of the most crucial services we will provide.

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Contingencies and Removal

While there are a number of contingencies that can be included in a Residential Purchase Contract, the most commonly found are Loan Contingencies and Inspections Contingencies.  To avoid breach of contract by either the buyer and/or seller, and according to the terms of the contract, there are specific items that must be performed within a specific amount of time.  Consequently, if terms are not fulfilled within the time allocated, escrow can be canceled by either party, deposits may be forfeited, and/or legal action may be initiated.  We at Real Estate Alliance Group work directly with our sellers, the lending institutions, underwriters, appraisers, and inspectors to avoid such consequences!  Our commitment to you is to protect your interest and successfully guide you through the entire process until escrow is closed!

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Home Inspections

We will assist you in coordinating and reviewing all required inspections/reports that have been agreed upon and included in the sale of your home.  Keep in mind, buyers always have the option of obtaining as many reports as deemed necessary to satisfy themselves of the condition of the property (at their own expense), including whole house inspections!  These particular types of reports are highly recommended in the industry for the buyers' security; however, if the seller is not properly represented, it can cost a considerable amount of time and unnecessary expense, as well as jeopardizing the transaction. Over time it has been proven that having an experienced third party negotiate these unique situations is most beneficial!

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Mandatory Disclosures

Considering most sellers are unaware of the mandatory disclosures required in selling a home and the legal complications that can occur after selling a home, we at Real Estate Alliance Group provide the expertise, knowledge and necessary legal forms to our sellers, at no additional cost!

Our goal at Real Estate Alliance Group is to save you substantial time, money and frustration, as we are totally committed to not only assisting you in a profitable and successful close of escrow on your present property... but also following through and seeing that you and your family are happily moved into your new home as
we specialize in concurrent closings (moving from one home to the next without a double move)!

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